Our Testimonials

Angel Merino

“The talent and the team was INCREDIBLE! Would not have been possible with out every single person on set! So professional and so talented. The energy, the vibes, and collaborative was literally the best shoot I’ve ever had in my life! SO AMAZING!!”
Owner of Artist Couture

Harper + Jones

“Harper + Jones had the great opportunity to work with the wonderfully talented Covos Haus team multiple times. We are very appreciative of their professionalism and overall creativity to mix in everything from product, portraits, & fashion photography in our photoshoots with them in various locations. We would recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced team that desires to push their creative limits and wants to receive beautiful high-quality photographs. “
Harper + Jones

Tiffany Moon

I have worked with many photographers and directors but Covos Haus is the best! They are professional, fabulous, and fun to work with. From glam in the studio to getting just the right shot on set, their team takes care of EVERYTHING down to the last detail! They made me feel comfortable and the shots came out even better than I expected! I have used them for multiple campaigns and it amazes me how every shoot is unique and just as amazing as the last one! I highly recommend the Covos Haus production team for brands, businesses, and anyone needing amazing social media content!
from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark Kurian

Working with Marcos and his team is pure magic! Everyone has their role and does it seamlessly. Marcos makes whomever he Is shooting fee safe, comfortable and at ease and that’s why he can create the iconic images he does. Owning a magazine I have worked with some of the best photographers and Marcos is at the top of that list!
Owner of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

Gia Gunn

I loved working with Covos Haus! They are super professional and offer a great amount of support when it comes to creative.Each member of their team is super talented and a gem to work with! I recommend Covos HAUS for ant creator who wants to bring their visions to the next level!
of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Lee & Emilio

We have worked with many photographers over the past few years and Marcos Covos photography definitely stands out. The studio has a very professional setting to it yet gives an intimate feeling which is great for the overall vibe. Marcos and his team created the exact images we had in mind. Our entire experience was above and beyond what we expected. We will absolutely use them in the future.
Sculpt Haus

Chris Sapphire

I had the great honor and pleasure of working with Marcos Covos and the Covos Haus crew, and let me tell you, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! I felt like Oprah Winfrey getting ready for the Legend’s Ball! The Whole team helped make the magazine cover shoot I was there being photographed/filmed for a success, as well as gave me fun memories that will last me a lifetime! They are TOP TIER! Forever grateful!
of Netflix’s The Circle

Abel P

My experience with Marcos and Covos Haus was amazing! I never thought that this production could be so creative. He even published them in his magazine and I am very honored. The clean and subtle way of working captivated me so much that the days do not go by when I don’t feel grateful and pleased that he has set his eyes on me and my brand. His sweetness and his ability to achieve anything and everything he wants will get him far!
owner of the Abel P Brand

Judy Tena

Covos Haus is an amazing team! Every single one of them are very professional and did an amazing job when we did out production in Paris France. Everything turned out amazing and they all have such good character and attitude. Days of shooting and they all look like they could still do keep going! You can really see they are all doing what they love. They captured the most amazing images in all of the most amazing locations in Paris. Our production in Paris, France. and they could still keep going!
Judy Tena

Annette Zubia

Covos Haus was amazing to work with! We have completed two photoshoots with them. They made my daughter feel very comfortable and provided guidance throughout the shoot from the location to outfit choices etc. The team took care of everything! Their creativity and knowledge showed from beginning to end. The team was very kind and professional. Their passion for their work showed as they exemplified a strong work ethic throughout. I am very confident in their abilities and provided stellar outcomes! I highly recommend working with them, you will not be disappointed!
Annette Zubia
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